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The Collaborative Practice Professionals of Illinois (CPPIL) is the result of a 10-year commitment to a vision.  That vision is of making Collaborative Practice known and available to everyone in the state of Illinois who needs or desires solid professional support in a time of conflict or of difficult discussion. [about the founder]

The professionals here are all committed to their professions.  And they have made the additional commitment of taking at least one 2-day long training in the principles and practices of Collaborative Practice.  Most have taken even more training.  Both in Collaborative Practice and in areas such as mediation, and communication and negotiation facilitation.  [If you are such a professional, we hope you'll share your presence here.]

Here you will find professionals who will outline who they are and what they have done to warrant your trust in the important discussions that you face in your dispute or decision-making process.  Nothing is more important in the Collaborative process than the development of trust both between you and the other parties and between all of you and your chosen professionals.

Each of the listed, licensed professionals is qualified to support you in the Collaborative Process.  Please note, however, that no organization "certifies" Collaborative Professionals.  CPPIL certainly does not.  There are certificates that get handed out at many of the trainings that are available for professionals, but there is no entity that deems an individual "certified" to do Collaborative Practice.  So if you see such a claim, please do not hesitate to ask that professional what s/he means by that.

There are aspirational Standards that have been promulgated by the International Academy of Collaborartive Professionals.  You can read those here.  Few have gone through all that trainings embraced there.

It is important that you understand as you choose a professional that even if someone meets some list of standards, that is no guarantee that they are good at this work, much less that they will be good for you to work with.   And many professionals who have not checked items on such a list, are in fact excellent at this type of work.  And more importantly may be the perfect person to work with you!

The best thing you can do, is to review the information that the professional provides and meet with the professional to guage your 'feeling' about working with that person.