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Collaborative in Employment

Companies understand that the people they employ are their greatest assets. Sometimes, however, misunderstandings or disagreements occur in the workplace that can lead to legal disputes.

Collaborative Practice offers employers and employees a way to resolve legal conflicts and employee complaints that does not result in hardening of positions, loss of productivity, emotional turmoil and large legal bills. Instead, Collaborative lawyers work closely with their clients and each other to explore options that address the interests and concerns of the parties without apprehension that positions might shift toward litigation.

Collaborative Practice can be used successfully when there are contract issues, allegations arising from discipline or termination, co-worker disputes, workplace harassment or bullying, employee requests for accommodation, and the like. Whether the employment relationship is continuing or not, the Collaborative process helps clients reach practical solutions to workplace disputes.

For more information, click here or see the website of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.