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Welcome to CPPIllinois

Thanks for your interest in becoming a member of the Collaborative Practice Professionals of Illinois!

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To learn more before you sign on, please read below and by all means explore the site a bit.  We'll be anxious to hear receive your comments and suggestions.

What is it?  CPPIllinois is a gathering of Illinois licensed professionals trained in Collaborative Practice.  It embraces those who apply CP to all realms of dispute resolution or decision-making.  [about the founder]

Who can join?  Illinois a) Attorneys, Mental Health Professionals [LCP, LCSW, LMFT, LPC, LCPC] and Financial Professionals [CPA, CFP, CDFA] who b) have taken at least a 2-day Basic training in Collaborative Practice and c) who are or become members of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.  [If you meet the first two qualifications for CPPIllinois, you will definitely qualify for IACP.  Here's their membership information.]

How much?  Membership in CPPIllinois is only $50.00 per year.  IACP membership for you will be reduced from $135 to $100 per year.  Applications for each are quick, simple and all online.

What do you get? 

  • On the CPPIllinois website your profile will hightlight you.  It will provide prospective clients with a real impression of you.  You will be able to detail your training, describe your practice approach and philosophy, add a photo AND a YouTube video as well as feeds from your blog or Twitter and links to your Facebook and LinkedIn and IACP well as your website.  Don't have a website?  You'll be able to give out a custom URL for your profile as your website.
  • The search system is designed to lead prospective clients directly to the professionals closest to them.
  • CPPIllliniois is for professionals who apply Collaborative Practice to any area of dispute or decision making.
  • Easy access to all of the IACP promotional and eductional materials.
  • Support - You will receive one free hour of mutually scheduled assitance not only with completing your profile, but also with LinkedIn and Twitter and Facebook and blogging.  Support beyond that is only $20/half hour.
  • Guidance - in using the forms that CPPIlinois will be making available and in sharing your improvement on those forms with other members; in promotional efforts, in working with cases.
  • A dedicated, completely moderated listServe on which to share your questions, and wisdom with other members state-wide.
  • Online collaboration tools to help you and your colleagues work together on documents and schedules.
  • Coming Soon! Online audio and video communications tools.

Why join?  If you believe in and made an investment in Collaborative Practice, CPPIllinois is here to help you...

  • by maximize your exposure on the web.
  • as a major resource for Illinoisans to learn about Collaborative Practice and those who engage in it
  • by supporting you in developing and growing the Collaborative Practice part of your own practice.

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