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Why Mental Health professionals?

In order to reach a productive agreement, you each must

  •  know what you will need following the divorce, and
  •  manage to express that to each other, and
  •  hear what the other will need.

These professionals bring their skills in communication and in differentiating desires from needs to the Collaborative process. They will work with you as well to keep your focus on your needs and on the benefits of the process while you may hear from well-meaning friends an family members what they think you should want, get, deserve.

A significant benefit to having these professionals on hand is that they can help reduce the overall cost and length of the process. Nothing lengthens a divorce, or increases its cost, like difficulties in communication. They can help you keep talking even when things get rough.

They will also help you distinguish between things you need and things that you want. Sometimes we want something and it’s really something else we need. Working with these professionals can save time and money by working past conflict that comes from asking for something you don’t really need; and may find that you don’t even want.